May 16, 2014

Interplanetary Update: Pretty Things and Other Tweaks

Looks pretty dry, but it's full of interesting landscapes!

Here we go with another Interplanetary update! This time we're focusing more on graphical details, but there are some small, hopefully interesting, balance adjustments there also.

What's New?

Let's get right into it, shall we? Here's the rough changelog for this week's update:

Interplanetary Version 0.2.3983_eac3
  • New Planet Texture
    • New player planet added: The Shredded Dune
  • Explosions!
    • Redone explosions for "normal" weapons to be more visible from far away and prettier to look up close.
    • Different color smoke for shots that land in water.
  • Sun Graphical Improvements
  • Various New Particle Effects
  • Keyboard Zoom Added
    • "E" and "Q" can be used to zoom in and out
  • Balance Tweaks
    • Damage increased for Missile, Laser and Solar Laser
    • Damage reduced for Railgun and Asteroid Diversion
    • Firing cost reduced for Missiles and Lasers
    • Activation cost increased for Shield Defense
    • Accuracy and range increased for Kinetic Defense
    • Build cost decreased for Kinetic Defense
    • Build and firing costs increased for Superweapons
    • Science cost increased for Superweapons
    • Population boost increased for "Arcologies" tech.
    • Planet material drain decreased
This should help a bit...

Whack-a-Dev Part II

Along with the update, as usual, we've scheduled a "Whack-a-Dev" Day for this Saturday!

On Saturday May 17th, starting from 3:00pm GMT/8:00am PDT, we will be hosting games to challenge you in the craft of interplanetary warfare! Here's what we have planned for you this time:

  • Whack the devs!
    • Now's your chance to prove your superiority! Beat the devs at their own game and become a folk hero!
  • Steam Key giveaways!
    • We'll be tweeting Steam Keys for Interplanetary every time someone manages to beat one of us! 
  • Streamers!
    • Enter Elysium and Rushlock will be joining us this Saturday to stream some of their matches. You can either join the streams to spectate or play the game and get the chance to appear there yourself.
  • Socialize with the community!
...but sometimes railgun just doesn't care.

Hopefully you can all join us to blast those planets into oblivion! This will also be a great chance to try out some of the new tweaks in the game and see how they affect your general strategy.

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