May 1, 2014

Interplanetary Whack-a-Dev Days and Update Info

Hey, everyone! Having fun with Interplanetary?

Since the game is currently multiplayer only, it needs a strong community to stay alive and well. To help bring all the players together, we've planned something we hope everyone is happy to take part in.

Interplanetary Whack-a-Dev Day!

Fanfare! Starting this Saturday at 3:00pm GMT, we're kicking off the first Interplanetary Whack-a-Dev Day. We're planning on making this a semi-regular event, timing it with new updates to the game. Here's what we have planned for this Saturday:

  • Whack the devs!
    • Team Jolly Roger will be hosting games of Interplanetary! If you have a beef with any of the devs, now's the time to get out there and break their planets!
  • Steam Key giveaways!
    • We'll be tweeting Steam Keys for Interplanetary every time someone manages to beat one of us!
  • Screenshot Competition!
    • Share screenshots to Interplanetary's community hub, with the text "Whack-a-Dev" in their description. The one with the highest voted screenshot at the end of the day wins a little prize.
  • Streaming!
    • Enter Elysium and Rushlock will be joining us this Saturday to stream some of their matches. You can either join the streams to spectate or play the game and get the chance to appear there yourself.
With screenshots like this, we have high hopes for the competition!

In Other News: Patches and Updates

As you may have noticed, we released an online connectivity patch for Interplanetary this Tuesday. If you previously had some problems connecting to other players, they should hopefully be fixed now. Here's a proper changelog of the major things in the patch:

Interplanetary Version 0.0.3922
  • Online connections more stable 
    • UPnP settings added 
    • Port selection option added
  • Passwords added to online games 
  • Defeated players' orbits are now greyed out 
  • Minor fixes to the tutorial
We're also planning on giving Interplanetary a proper feature update this Friday. Among the features we're hoping to add is in-game chat, a popular request by the players. 

Hopefully, we can finish implementing the chat until Friday so you can also bash us devs verbally, if you want! Hopefully, you don't want to.

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