September 14, 2011

Say hello to Interplanetary artillery!

Interplanetary, as we call the game at the moment, is the biggest and most ambitious project of Team Jolly Roger so far. We've had this idea of a strategic artillery game featuring interplanetary warfare for over an year now, and it has slowly taken shape. Now we finally have a change to make it reality, as it will form the base of final thesis for three of our team members. This means that for the next few months we finally have time and commitment for the project.

The game itself revolves around the theme of interplanetary warfare, as mentioned before. Players are based on different planets in a solar system, and the goal is no less than annihilate all enemies by any means necessary. This involves not only some skilfully aimed shots in the everchanging sea of gravitational fields, but also strategic perspective and careful planning in improving the Home Planet with various buildings, upgrades and projects. The game will be developed solely for PC using Microsoft XNA 4.0. If you just rolled your eyes, go google and find out how many succesful games have been made with XNA lately. :P

We aim to keep the people who are interested in out project well posted via this blog, Twitter and Facebook. We aim to provide new versions of the game every two weeks or so (pleace notice that we will probably need more than that for the initial version), and new info and material on a daily basis. We are also open for ideas and suggestions, so please let us know what you have in mind! :)

We will post a playable demo of the original concept and a short trailer soon, stay tuned!

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