November 21, 2011

Weekend with (nature) Spirits

So we had a bit of a crunch weekend, and Windows Phone 7 version of Spiritual is coming along nicely. If all goes well it will be available in your pocket before the year is over!

We are currently pondering some game design choices: There will be "skills" or "spells" in the game to remedy the situation where player could, in the original Spiritual, get stuck in the changing maze for several seconds. Now we have to decide if we want to make several of these skills available at all times like we originally planned, or maybe restrict them to one usable skill at a time which would make things less complicated. Use of these skills will be restricted by the amount of mana player has, so we also need to decide whether the mana should be "charged" in special tiles in each level, or maybe by items player will pick up randomly?

We are also pretty sure there will be collectable artifact pieces that make something beautiful when they all have been gathered and combined. Plan is to make one artifact piece available in each level, which should add a little replay value for those players who like to collect things.

Collectable artifact pieces also mean that the levels will no longer be infinite of course. They will still be randomly generated and thus different each time, but we are thinking of a world consisting of ~15 levels, which get more difficult and present new things to player towards the end. Final level will of course be awesome and something completely different.

...and if people like our game enough, there will be more than one world to explore! :D