April 15, 2014

Interplanetary Arrives to Steam Early Access This Friday!

Surprise! It's finally time to move to the next level: the Steam Early Access version of Interplanetary will be released April 18th, which is this Friday!

We decided that going Early Access was a natural continuation of Interplanetary's journey, as we've already had close collaboration with its players during development. By continuing on to Steam, we'll be able to reach a much wider audience than ever before, which helps the development a huge amount.

Like usual, buying the Early Access version at a reduced price will also give you all the future updates until the game is finished and you'll be able to better influence the direction of the game through your feedback.

New Features

For the Early Access release, we've prepared an exciting new feature: Superweapons. These are unlockable through the Tech Tree and will wreak serious havoc with your enemy's planet.

This planet's going to have a bad time.
Currently, we've implemented two superweapons:

  • Asteroid Diversion
    • Diverts a group of asteroids towards the enemy planet, causing massive damage. Works similarly to the railgun, except that the starting point is the asteroid field at the edge of the planetary system and you'll be shooting a cluster of space boulders instead of one small shot.
  • Solar Laser
    • An accurate and powerful weapon, the Solar Laser is fired from it's own orbit close to the sun. Unlike with normal lasers, it can shoot to any direction, unless there are other celestial objects blocking its line of sight.

These weapons are pretty devastating, so make sure you get them before your opponent does!

In addition to superweapons, we've been doing a lot of smaller updates all across the board. Some of the major ones include the ability to have hotseat matches with up to 4 players and many graphical and UI-fixes. There are also plenty of balance adjustments, so make sure to weigh in with your opinions.

Time to get hyped!

Hop onto www.interplanetarygame.com and join our mailing list for timely updates.


  1. I'm so glad this game is now on steam. I never would have known about it if it weren't for that and the youtuber EnterElysium doing a video about it.

  2. i bought it and i cant play the multi-player why?

    1. Hello Félix! Some people have been experiencing problems with multiplayer. We are aware of the problem and a patch to fix the problem is in the works. Thanks for you interest in the game!

  3. pls fix a bug, it keeps the player`s planet spinning and he can end his turn and are forced to surrender. and also Outer planet have a great advantage oover the inner plannet. mid planets are bombarded from bout inner and Outer plannets. is there a plan to use more then one axis. planets goes up and Down maybe? i have some idea for defenses. / use astroid as planet defense in orbit/has a chance of spinning out of Control. / there must be away to prevent astroid from colliding into ur planet/rederecting towards other planets. /deploy groundtropps%launching them. engineers launced from ur planet .landing on dead planets to build weapons or mine materials./ poison citys/Cure poisen.

    1. Hi!

      Is it possible to describe the bug in any more detail? Does it happen straight after a new turn begins? We've fixed a lot of end turn-related bugs recently. With luck, this may be fixed already.

      We're going to stick with one axis targeting, to make it easier to manage and predict shots. Mid planets tend to be a bit unlucky, and we'll see if there are any sort of balance changes we can make to help that. It's just generally a bad idea to just keep shooting at one opponent, just because the shots are easy. This leaves it easy for other players to keep developing their planets free from harassment.

      Anyway, thanks for the ideas! I recommend you to visit the forums: http://steamcommunity.com/app/278910/discussions/
      We can notice your comments faster that way.