June 2, 2014

Interplanetary Update: Sounds and Shapes

Cities, now 100% more lively!
Update time! Today we bring you a couple of small, but interesting changes.

The most obvious update is the inclusion of actual graphics for cities and buildings. This changes the intel system quite a bit, since we've decided to let players see the structure graphics regardless of their intelligence points. They just won't be able to see any details, such as the exact type of the building or its condition. Targetable weapons should now be much more useful and we've done slight changes to their values to accommodate for that. Tell us what you think!

Another visible, or rather audible, change is new music. We've added a couple of extra pieces to increase variety. You can expect many more in future updates.

Interplanetary Version 0.3.4027_EAC_4

  • New graphics for cities, buildings and ruins
  • Different craters for different weapon impact points
  • Additional music for build phase and action phase
  • Targetable weapons damage reduced
  • Shield Defense doesn't block missiles anymore
  • Sound effect fixes
  • Networking host migration fixes

Sure, you could fire blindly, but that little dot there may well be a kinetic defense.
That's all the changes for this week. We had to skip Whack-a-Dev last week due to scheduling problems, but we'd still appreciate it if you tried out the new changes and gave us some feedback!

Interplanetary is now available on Steam Early Access!

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