June 20, 2012

What is this, a review!?

Hello readers, meet Cripplecat, our new Lumia 610 test device. Since we have been busy with outsourcing projects again this week, we thought we might as well introduce this little thing and share our thoughts about it with a few lines.

If you happen to be a WP7 developer, there are two sides to this device. It's existence will force you to decide whether you want to set some limits to your design, or cut out a portion on potential audience by opting out 256 devices. On the other hand this device offers pretty good bang for the buck, which means it has a good chance to gather more of that audience we ever so desire.

We found 610 to be surprisingly agile little thing. There's no noticeable lag anywhere, and in most cases it performs much better than many earlier devices with 512 memory. However, we ran into serious problems when running the graphics intensive Spiritual on it, and thus decided to make the game unavailable on 256 devices for now. Developing games for 610 shouldn't be a problem though, if the memory usage is well thought out from the beginning. We admit that this has been a bit of a learning experience.

For end users  still without a WP7 device this phone is an excellent choice, especially if you want the best value instead of best performance. There are some apps Lumia 610 will not work with, including Skype, so you might want to check out before marching to the store.

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