November 11, 2013

Interplanetary Alpha Testing and Gameplay Trailer!

Suddenly, a real gameplay trailer! Excitement!

We've been very hard at work these last couple of weeks, but it's been fruitful. We're proud to properly announce the alpha testing of Interplanetary! How to get in on this action? A couple of steps:
  1. Contact us! You can do it in a lot of places, Facebook, Twitter, IndieDB, our DevBlog...
  2. After receiving your nice message, we send you a code.
  3. Go to our brand new website WWW.INTERPLANETARYGAME.COM, enter the code and receive your alpha!
That's it! We will be updating the alpha every couple of weeks. We'll give you a heads-up on Twitter and Facebook every time that happens, so stay in touch!

Have fun testing and remember to send us comments. The most useful feedback wins a little prize!

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